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Veni, Vidi, Vero

"Veni, Vidi, Vero"

Very Vero #1

by Gretchen Rose

Smart and wickedly funny … a ribald, rollicking mid-life coming-of-age story.

When Tara discovers that her husband’s late nights in the city are hiding an affair with a younger woman, the illusion of her perfect little world is shattered in an instant. Determined to reclaim her dreams, she relocates to Vero Beach, a posh seaside community abutting the Atlantic. There, she purchases an older home on the barrier island, never imagining that this charming enclave hides a seamy underbelly where dark intrigue lurks.

... an intricately woven story of love, friendship, and metamorphosis

Retained as piano instructor to young Harry, Tara soon finds herself entangled in the affairs of his mysterious father, the wealthy tycoon, Nathan McCourt. As Tara's home is being renovated, a strange thing happens: she undergoes a transformation of her own. She is stronger, more confident, and happier than she ever imagined possible. Only one thing is missing from this rosy picture: the man of her dreams. It isn't until a category 4 hurricane blows into town, that all the divergent plot lines are knit up, and Tara finally gets her happily ever after.

The Shoemaker's Pursuit by Wade Beauchamp

"The Shoemaker's Pursuit"

by Wade Beauchamp

The most famous pair of high heels in the world have gone missing.

In 1952 a young Italian shoemaker named Paolo DeLuca fell in love with the daughter of a widow and hand-crafted for her a gift: a pair of high heels. The girl would not wear the scandalous shoes. But her mother would. Those heels would inspire the most famous shoe of the 20th Century, what fashion critics would dub the Ray-Ban Wayfarer of footwear: the DeLuca Rampa. And then, the shoes were lost.

Hollywood icons and waitresses, rock stars and architects, thrift shop owners and prostitutes all walk a mile in these shoes over the next half-century as Paolo tries to track them down. We’ll strut across the silver screen with a Blonde Bombshell who became a legend in the shoes. We’ll risk it all with a wife who decides that fantasy and reality lie too far apart. We’ll be a fly on the wall as the shoes guest-star on one of the biggest hits of the MTV era, among the other lives the shoes touch between their creation on DeLuca’s workbench to their final resting place.

The Shoemaker’s Pursuit is a collection of eleven interconnected tales following the path of the most famous pair of shoes ever made. Let’s take a walk on the wild side.

The Lost City by George Dismukes

"The Lost City"

by George Dismukes

How does someone deal with an enraged 2,000 year old Mayan spirit? Brandon and Andrea must find out, an odyssey that returns them to the deepest, darkest recesses of The Mosquitia Jungle with Naja, Brandon’s 300 pound black jaguar, at their side.

Brandon Shaw & Andrea Granger must decide how to deal with a furious ancient Mayan spirit, a complicated problem to be sure. Their quest takes them into the high cloud forests of Guatemala where they meet a mysterious old Mayan named Kan Bah. Next, they find themselves returning to a place they never expected to see again, The Lost City of The Monkey God, located in the far eastern section of the Honduran Mosquitia Jungle. It is here that Brandon Shaw discovers what the ancient spirit is angry about, and also learns more about himself than he ever wanted to know.

Most women would run. But that never occurs to Andrea Granger whose devout belief is that love is the strongest force on earth. In this tale of supernatural spirits and a possible 2,000 year old reincarnation, that belief is put to the test.

Shifter Heat by Jaden Sinclair

"Shifter Heat

Shifter #18

by Jaden Sinclair

Shifter Alex Laswell has been fighting a losing battle for years. And that battle has a name: Jewels Stanton, who is human.

They have a past, one that they have kept hidden well for a long time. Now the secret is out, and the gloves have come off. Sparks start to fly between them, forcing both to give into their basic needs. But when they are alone and apart, misery is a word that describes them.

Alex thinks he and Jewels have an understanding about what he can give her—or not—but he is so wrong. The one thing that Jewels wants the most is the one thing that Alex thinks he can never give to her kind. It might also be the one thing that will cost him the only woman that can quench his heat as well as his heart.

The Long Road to Perdition by Carlo Cavazutti

"The Long Road to Perdition"

A Cavazutti Crime Novel #3

by Carlo Cavazutti

Since the seventies, the Mexican and Colombian Cartels controlled the drug trade on both sides of the southern border. That was until Agent Tammy Taylor came on the scene and she didn’t play nice. Assigned to a two man resident office two hundred miles from El Paso she became a rogue not caring what the Special Agent in Charge thought. There was a meth lab on her turf and she would go to any means to find it. With some past associates, a Federal DA and a sultry Cajun computer hacker only known as Silver, Tammy rains down hell on the Cartel, Devils Henchmen and a host of very important people.

Praxton 5: Voyages of the Star Hawk by N.S. Howard

"Voyages of the Star Hawk"

Praxton #5

by N. S. Howard

Praxton is now a member of the Alliance worlds and wins the contract to build the new generation of military spaceship which includes the Star Hawk. The Alliance worlds insist a large portion of the crew be made up with Praxton women to give them increased freedom, but it turns out the Praxton women want to keep their unique fashions and culture. This leads to a very different crew and regulations the Alliance worlds were expecting. And complications for Captain Julius Elmwood.

Shards of Rain by Mathias G. B. Colwell

"Shards of Rain"

by Mathias G.B. Colwell

Abby is on the run and harboring a dangerous secret, one that could get her killed—or worse—if anybody found out. J.D. is a former agent, still lethal, but not quite what he once was. Their paths cross as Abby’s secret comes to light. Only the skills and training J.D. once relied upon can help them survive the wrath of a warlord intent on taking Abby’s power for himself.

Shards of Rain paints a grim picture of the future where the greatest scientific feats of mankind have long since begun to fail, where hopes of global governance and safety have broken down into feudal squabbling, and only friendship and loyalty can ensure that one survives the night.

Castle 3: The New King by J. H. Wear

"The New King"

Castle #3

by J. H. Wear

The world of Domum is in turmoil as Lord Darius challenges to be king. Jon McKinney, against Liz`s wishes, volunteers to stay and help defend the kingdom of Horstruff. With the help of Gilbert, Sir Anthony and Council Madoc, Jon leads the battle to defeat Lord Darius.

"The Destruction"

Midnight's Edge #6

by David Chappuis & Michael Klinger

In the final chapter of the Midnight’s Edge series, The Destruction, the stakes are high as Midnight’s Edge is just a day away, threatening to cause more turmoil than ever before as the townspeople of Sleepy Meadows take matters into their own hands. As fear of the merging of the mortal, spirit and dark realms escalates, their desperation to end the Wickcliff’s reign of terror and need for vigilante justice for the deaths of their loved ones comes to a head, which could lead to them making the ultimate sacrifice.

Shelly and Kasey face uncertainty, knowing that the merge could ensure the Wickcliff ancestors’ power and hold over the town remains forever. Every minute counts as Kasey finds himself prisoner to an unlikely foe and captor. At the same time, the ancestors make the final arrangements to ensure their takeover, which includes a macabre wedding that takes an unexpected turn.

As the ancestors and their family, the skells, await upon Midnight’s Edge to solidify their takeover, Belinda Malodar finds an unexpected ally and makes her own plans for the town of Sleepy Meadows. From the depths of Misty Lake, the demons plot in the shadows to formulate their own strategy for reclaiming their most prized possession. As danger escalates, Shelly, Rory, and Kasey engage in a battle against the evil, risking everything to stop it once and for all. Who will survive The Destruction? The countdown to the final battle is on.

Two For the Road by Henry Hofman

"Two For The Road"

A n Adam Fraley Mystery #4

Henry Hoffman

Two recently betrothed private investigators, working out of the same office, travel vastly different paths, as they take on two unrelated missing person cases. Their trails take them through idyllic lands, darkened by underworld intrigue, carnal temptation, twisted relationships, and personal tragedy. Little do the investigators know that the two roads they are traveling in the end will place them on a collision course in a manner entirely unexpected, testing not only their professional skills but their faith in each other.

Reckoning and Retribution by Mathias G.B. Colwell

"Reckoning and Retribution"

The Collector #4

by Mathias G.B. Colwell

With the menagerie destroyed and Helmsted in flight, Philip, Alayna, Beathan, and Azir set their sights on a new, and even more dangerous objective. An uneasy truce exists between them, but will the tentative trust between Philip and Azir continue to grow or will it vanish completely as the company forges an alliance with deadly enemies?

Meanwhile, finally reunited, Philip and Alayna struggle to discover if the pieces of their hearts still fit together. Are their emotions still bound to one another or have prior events changed them irrevocably?

Old and new bind together, as this journey culminates where so much of it began. It is a story of transformation and retribution, a tale of renegades and deals with darkness. More than anything it is an example of how far the bonds of friendship will go to keep each other safe.

Midnights Edge 5: Dark Meadows by David Chappuis and Michael Klinger

"Dark Meadows"

Midnight's Edge #5

by David Chappuis & Michael Klinger

As the final Midnight’s Edge approaches, Kasey faces a devastating reality, the Wickcliff ancestors have unleashed mayhem on the residents of Sleepy Meadows, taking many lives and acquiring many souls. Reluctantly taking on the role of the town’s leader, he must face uncertain odds, with the help of his friends and spirits from the other side, and not everyone will survive.

In the ghost realm, Jeremy, still in control of Jason’s mind, plots to return to the mortal realm by possessing Shelly’s son. With Rory mysteriously missing, Shelly searches the dark realm and comes face-to-face with Belinda Malodar, an ancient evil with connections to the Wickcliffs. To save Rory, Shelly must face her deepest fears, and to save Ethan from the ancestors’ hold over him, Kasey embarks on a shamanic journey to confront his tortured past, one that could lead to his destruction.

Retribution by Leslie D. Soule


Fallenwood #4

by Leslie D. Soule

Ash Kensington has one final quest in the fantasy realm across the portals, known as Fallenwood. There’s no one to help her, now, and she has to figure out how to get to the dark lord Malegaunt and demand her retribution for the events that have transpired. But with her resources running out and her patience running thin, will she be able to find and confront him? And if she does, what answers await her?

A Hole in the Universe

"A Hole in the Universe"

by J. H. Wear

Nellie Writson was proud of her Martian heritage, able to follow her family tree to the first settlers of Mars at the beginning of the terraforming. She was head of the government geology department, enjoying doing field work as they searched for fossil remains of Martian life. When her team discovered alien stone columns, it set off a wave of excitement. But a bigger surprise was yet to come.

Jaret McLeod, as a captain of a spaceship, was used to danger and thinking under pressure. He was aware of Unidentified Space Objects (USOs) that appeared to break the speed of light and of a recent discovery Meili, a new planet orbiting beyond Pluto. When he visited Red City on Mars during a stopover, he was introduced to Nellie. He didn’t know at the time that Meili, USOs, Nellie and his stopover on Mars would be part of the greatest achievement of human beings.