New Releases

Sins of Eden by Wayne Zurl

"Festival of Felonies"

A Collection of Sam Jenkins Mysteries

by Wayne Zurl

This story collection includes the veteran cop's humorous mysteries:

Have You Considered Voodoo?

Reenacting a Murder

Paper Trail

The Fergusson Shooting

A Fire and Old Ice

The Gridshadowers by C. A. Lootens

"The Gridshadowers"

by C. A. Lootes

Humanity undergoes a quickening in this thrilling tale of connection, sacrifice, and human transformation. Some people become dangerously hypersensitive to their own technology; others develop strange new powers. Meanwhile, a downtrodden EMT and a quixotic young scholar turn into headstrong hostages while caught in a chilling bus ride that is headed way off grid.

The Curse of the Dacron Gem by J. H. Wear

"The Curse of the Dacron Gem"

Castle #2

by J. H. Wear

When Lord Troy Sussex buys a recovered gem with unique powers, he believes it will free him from the spell that confines him to his castle. But the strange power the gem possesses has an unexpected result and the fate of Domum rests with a thief, a sex slave, and a warlock in exile.

Every action has consequences. When Gilbert steals the Dacron Gen and then sells it to Lord Troy Sussex, he initiates a disastrous chain of events. To maintain his youth, Lord Sussex is restricted to his castle by a poorly worded spell. In an attempt to give himself freedom he makes use of the Dacron Gem by using words from an old spell book. Overnight the world of Domum outside the castle property begins to revert back to a state before humans arrived.

Gilbert and Marisa, a sex slave of Lord Sussex’s castle, are convinced to make a perilous journey to a gateway to Earth to obtain help from a Council Madoc, a warlock in exile, to reverse the curse of the strange gem.

Killer Soulmate by Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks

"Killer Soulmate"

A Jane Larson Mystery

by Anne Rothman-Hicks
and Ken Hicks

Jane Larson is back, and trouble abounds on New York’s Upper East Side! A new client, Jasmine, hires Jane to undo the terms of a matrimonial agreement with her ex-husband, the owner of a prosperous hedge fund who does not like to lose. At the same time, Jane’s landlord is working to evict her from the storefront law office where her mother had practiced for many years, and Jane is forced to fight to save her mother’s legacy. However, it seems there is no way she can win.

All too soon, the bodies begin to pile up and Jane has to figure out who is responsible before she becomes one of the victims. Meanwhile, a guy named Gary is trying to worm his way into her life, and, even though she thinks he is much too young for her, she starts to fall for him. The problem is that he has a habit of showing up where the murders occur. Can she trust him?

The Rise of Chloe by Carlo Cavazutti

"The Rise of Chloe"

A Cavazutti Crime Novel #2

by Carlo Cavazutti

Mikhail Brozovitch has come up through the ranks of Spetsnaz, KGB and the FSB. Now the highly trained operator has turned arms dealer to the worst of the worst all over the world with the blessings of his Kremlin masters. But he makes one fatal step making a multi tens of million dollar deal with one of Mother Russia’s sworn enemies, the Chechens. He is forced to flee with his beloved Marisha who is also the mistress of President Grigori Chekov. Not only are they pursued by the FSB but also one very deadly female assassin known as Gina and her protégé Chloe.

Gina, Chloe and the FSB chase Mikhail all through Eastern Europe, Italy and Sicily before they can corner him in a secreted mountain hideaway in the hills near Catania which is overshadowed by Mount Etna. Two distinct Mafia clans control the area through which they must pass, and both clans demand their tribute. After all, deals must be brokered. But who survives to the end?

Willow Run by Dorothy Stephens

"Willow Run"

by Dorothy Stephens

When the “greatest generation” came home from World War II, many of the men returned to college on the GI Bill, a saga that has been the subject of numerous books and movies. But the story of their wives, also part of that greatest generation, has seldom been told.

Kate McIntosh, the young mother of a toddler and a newborn, struggles with the challenges of being isolated in barracks-like World War II housing in Willow Run Village, with no car, little money, and a mostly absent husband., Mark, her husband, attends classes at the university during the day and works on the assembly line at the nearby auto plant at night. He is rarely home. When she and Mark meet with other graduate students, Kate feels awkward and excluded, with nothing to talk about but diapers and pureed carrots.

Kate is determined to find ways to reach beyond the confines of her life. She befriends her rural Tennessee neighbors, teaching the illiterate mother and son to read; gets involved in the Adlai Stevenson presidential campaign; creates a garden in the weedy field behind their building; and finds new strength and talents she didn’t know she had. At the same time, she attempts to quell her rising anxiety about what might be going on between Mark and a fellow graduate student, Amanda. Things come to a head when Mark is seriously injured in an accident and Kate has new challenges to face.

Castle: Fall to Domum by J. H. Wear

"Return to Domum"

Castle - Book 1

by J. H. Wear

Jon McKinney is nothing but an ordinary Boston university student on the path toward a career in computer science, but he's spent his life feeling like he should be more than he is. When he inherits a castle in Ireland from his presumably drowned Uncle Gordon, he leaves behind his education and his girlfriend to see what awaits him on the other side of the world.

Once there, he meets the fascinating and beautiful Liz O’Doul and discovers a strange crystal he mistakenly believes is merely a good luck charm. Liz tells him Miller Castle has a long and colourful history of strange creatures lurking about its stone walls, but Jon doesn't believe it...until Liz catches a dwarf named Gilbert trying to steal unmentionables from her suitcase. Jon pursues the creature up the steep staircases of the castle. But, just as he catches Gilbert, the two of them tumble out the window and through a magical gateway.

The Perpetual Penitent by Henry Hoffman

"The Perpetual Penitent"

An Adam Fraley Mystery

by Henry Hoffman

A grieving father goes missing following the gruesome death of his three-year-old daughter in an accident directly attributable to his own negligence. For reasons both personal and professional, private investigator Adam Fraley takes on the task of tracking down the father at the request of the dead child’s older sibling. In a case fraught with intrigue, danger, and the overhanging threat of family disintegration. Fraley’s search ultimately takes him to remote regions of Haiti where he discovers he is not the only one in search of the father. Soon, he finds himself entangled in the tentacles of a lucrative international insurance scam involving the falsification of death records. Fraley’s probing is viewed by the scheme’s masterminds as a serious threat to their continued existence, leading its operatives to mark the private investigator for elimination before he exposes them.

The Dragon Within by Arrendle

"The Dragon Within"

Threat of the Crowns

by Arrendle

Eshney lives in Wazari Eren, a peaceful world with a secret past.

When a mythical dragon named Char comes to confer with her father about an ancient crown stolen from the dragon’s lair, Eshney’s world is changed forever.

She soon learns of an ancient battle that split her world, of fantastical realms existing in isolation, and of magical crowns capable of enslaving all of dragon kind.

Now, Eshney, Char, and her father, Aubra, must embark on a perilous journey through unknown realms to recover the stolen crown and save the dragons of the world.

Dawn of the Assassin by Bill Brewer

"Dawn of the Assassin"

by Bill Brewer

"Action, adventure, and a dose of redemption - Dawn of the Assassin has it all." -Lt Colonel Rip Rawlings (USMC)

Kill or be killed is the fatal choice of dishonorably discharged David Diegert. Having few options, Diegert falls into a world of deception, betrayal, and violence.

To survive, he must become a reluctant hitman, extinguishing lives for a man of immense power and wealth. Given a chance to earn his freedom, and protect the one person he loves, Diegert must win a twisted contest to the death known as the tournament of assassins.

Trained by his kick-ass mentor, Fatima Hussain, Diegert will face the most deadly men in the world and either emerge victorious or be zipped up in a body bag.

Final Strain by Brian Gates

"The Final Strain"

by Brian Gates

The world ended in neither fire nor ice, but blood. It began with news reports of a rampant flu-like virus that killed all infected. It induced panic when the CDC admitted no cure existed. It escalated when the Federal Government declared martial law and proceeded to throw the world into chaos. It ended in blood.

To make matters worse, the McGuiness brothers discover their sister has been kidnapped. The earth shattering revelation forces them to depart their safe haven and venture out into a world stripped of societal morals. They meet up with others along the way, each affected differently by the D.C. Virus and each with their own story. The group proves to be as different as can be, brought together only by one common cause: survival. Together, they set out following a cryptic radio transmission promising salvation in the Midwest, though the journey proves difficult.

Violent encounters with other survivors shake the assemblage, and a shocking revelation tears their reality apart: the virus was released on purpose!

When the shadowy organization responsible for the genocide sets their targets on the survivors, the group must run, hide, and fight their way to safety…or die trying.

Post Diem by Tom Walsh

"A Penny For Your Thoughts"

by Roy Dimond & Jeff Leitch

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”
~ Colette

Ever wonder why another seems happy and content while you struggle? Do you find yourself so heavy with dread that at the end of the day you are exhausted and frustrated? Perhaps you feel you should be happier than you are, but lack the energy to become the person you want to be.

Then curl up in your favorite reading spot and take a trip of magical realism. Travel through the eyes of a teacher who is searching for possibly the very thing that you are missing. This is the journey to happiness that every man and woman deserves. A hero’s journey from shadow to substance; a quest to find your spirit.

Meander with the unique characters, the inspirational dog, Lab, the patient Ferryman, the surprising Mentor, the all-knowing Gate Keeper, and of course the wise, Spirit Guide. Take this voyage to, in essence, find yourself.

"Showdown in Beantown" by Carlo Cavazutti

"Showdown in Beantown"

by Carlo Cavazutti

Sly Greene has his hands in many legal and shady activities and connected to many politically. He has become fast friends with a retired police detective now private eye named Carlo Cavazutti after Carlo solved his son’s murder. But Sly has secrets even from Carlo some of which the reader learns of early on and others are revealed later in the book as to how Sly came upon his wealth and power in the community.

As Carlo and Sly are enjoying a good cigar in walks the damsel in distress, Lady Tatiana, the sister to Britiney who tends bar for Sly. The Lady seeks Carlo's help with ridding her of the Albanian Mafia which is trying to take her production company. Carlo must find a place for the Lady to hide while he figures out a way to rid her of this violent gang. He enlists the aid of another cop friend, the retired director of the DEA with two of his men, a Spec Op warrior and his crew and one deadly female assassin. All have close ties to Carlo and plenty of history. They plot with Carlo to take down the Albanian threat for good. But a traitor lurks within their midst and Carlo seeks out the Albanians to give them an ultimatum, leave or die. It is a risky move, one which could be the end of his life.

Who survives the final conflict will be revealed in the last hours of the story.

Post Diem by Tom Walsh

"Post Diem"

by Tom Walsh

Dr. Dawne Michaels has her own DARPA lab at UC Berkeley. She and Dr. Nutting. continue their research in quantum entanglement and rging super virus. Her consciousness transfer to another timeline comes with consequence. Post Diem breaks the time barrier and blurs hi-tech science with Native American mysticism.

"Savanna" by Herbert Grosshans


by Herbert Grosshans

Assuming the existence of a Star portal on the planet Savanna to be a secret, the humans don’t know that the Accilla, the Spiders, and other spacefaring races are fully aware of it.

Jeremy Sheppard, a newly appointed Captain of the Solar Space Force to the military outpost and Dennis Collins, a civilian, must join forces to thwart a conspiracy to control the Star portal.

"Play Dead" by J.H. Wear

"Play Dead"

by J. H. Wear

Detectives Anya Roberts and Moss Stone are faced with the murder of an actor in a live play performance. The amateur play was being performed during the Edmonton Fringe Festival in a modest sized theatre. Ironically, the play itself was a murder mystery.

The victim, a quiet man, turns out to have had a past. Suspicion falls on the actors and others associated with the play. Meanwhile the detectives investigate another murder, this one a small time criminal shot dead in a parking lot shortly after an altercation in a bar. A third murder occurs in a neighbouring city, investigated by the RCMP who contact Stone because the victim previously lived in Edmonton.

Stone is convinced all three murders are related. Roberts is convinced he needs to take a reality pill. But she has seen him use “Everything is connected in the universe theory” before and solve stubborn cases. Roberts cannot see how the actor’s murder can be related to a parking lot murder, and even less to one the occurred outside the city. But Stone continues to search for a red motorcycle even though there isn’t any proof the killer used one. Has Stone started seeing connections where none exists?

A real murder occurs at murder mystery play. The irony is not lost on Detectives Moss Stone and Anya Roberts. While they search for clues, two other murders need to be solved. One victim was shot after a bar confrontation and the other beaten to death from a possible break and entry. Stone believes the murders may be related. Roberts believes he needs to take a reality pill.

Bloodlines of Atmos: The Story of Jace by JP Edgar

"Sanctuary - The Story of Jace"

Bloodlines #1

by J. P. Edgar

Being the only survivor in a tragic car accident that claimed his entire family, 6-year-old Jace starts a new life in the Sanctuary for Orphaned Children – a place that seems like a comfortable and luxurious dream to those on the outside, but with a world so drastically different for those on the inside.

After a painful first day, Jace discovers he is surrounded by violence and torment, and isolates himself from the world around him, only to later embrace the combative lifestyle he would grow up in. But when his simple life gets disrupted by a kid with strange abilities, Jace is forced to put his trust in others, and wage a personal war against those who possess unnatural powers.department and suggest that life there will never be the same.

Malevolent by Christopher Carrolli


The Paranormal Investigatory #8

by Christopher Carrolli

The terrifying reign of the shadows has ended. But in their exit, they awakened something unseen, something sinister, something malevolent. The malevolent spirit, hell bent on revenge, seeks to possess and live in the human flesh. One name recurs through its consciousness—Susan. In addition, Susan is unaware that her doppelganger has penetrated the walls of her home. The other Susan lingers, unseen, contemplating the right moment to reveal herself.

Meanwhile, Tahoe has foreseen a face to face confrontation between the two Susans. Worried about Susan, the team faces other dilemmas. Tahoe has undergone a silent but obvious change since channeling the great chief’s spirit and battling the shadows. Dylan, haunted by dreams of the night on Eagle Rock Mountain, begins to remember. Yet all of it must wait.

Tahoe’s prediction comes to pass. As two identical beings meet, the malevolent force intercedes, and a showdown begins, leaving Susan’s life hanging in the balance, and the investigators embroiled in a battle between life and death.

Sins of Eden by Wayne Zurl

"Year of the Demon"

Unhallowed Love #2

by Tara Fox Hall

Will a demon-hunting priest and a wizard bent on world dominion end Shaker’s happiness with his human Mistress Debbie?

CEO Debbie and demon Shaker’s first year of partnership was a smashing success for both Pandora Productions and their own new intimate relationship. Shaker now inhabits a human host, Pandora’s rising action star Jett Black, putting the possibility of a family within Debbie’s tentative grasp.

But as before, one crisis after another ensues, beginning with the death of Debbie’s father, bringing her into the sights of a demon-hunting priest, Father Matthew, who will stop at nothing to not only send Shaker back to the Hell he came from, but also ensure Debbie is free of sin... permanently.

When Shaker is sent back to Hell and Debbie is left bereft, her team of allies decimated, she must decide if she will succumb…or rise from the ashes and fight for everything she loves.

Sins of Eden by Wayne Zurl

"A New Dawn"

Stonewall Chronicles #1

by Herbert Grosshans

When Master Scout Terrex Stonewall returns to Epsilon, he finds much has changed in fifteen years. Humans are beginning to colonize the world of the Dinosaurs, but an alien species known as The Spiders challenges the humans for possession of the planet. Stonewall must find out why before it is too late.