Mathias G. B. Colwell

Mathias Colwell grew up in far Northern California exploring redwood forests and cloudy beaches. He loves God, his family, and friends. Mathias has been a writer for most of his life, drafting his first stories as young as eight years of age. His desire to write fantasy was inspired by such authors as J.R.R. Tolkien, David Eddings and the late Robert Jordan. He is an avid traveler and all-around adventurer, having visited or lived in 27 countries. His travels have led him around the world to five continents including stays in Siberia, Spain, and Chile, and he attributes many of his passions and goals in life to these experiences. In his free time he enjoys reading, outdoor activities such as soccer, snowboarding and water sports. Mathias has a passion for issues pertaining to social justice and human rights and hopes to influence these areas in the future. Mathias G. B. Colwell




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Dark Arrow Trilogy
"Dusk Runner" - Mathias G. B. Colwell "Entrance to Dark Harbor" by Mathias G. B. Colwell Black Water Well by Mathias G. B. Colwell

The Collector Series
"The Collector" by Mathias G. B. Colwell "Bloodloss" by Mathias G. B. Colwell Menagerie of Shadow Reckoning and Retribution by Mathias G. B. Colwell

"A Burning Hope" - Mathias G. B. Colwell

"An Age of Mist" by Mathias G. B. Colwell