Jeff Leitch

Jeff Leitch lives with his family in Maple Ridge, a proud community at the base of the majestic Golden Ears Mountain in British Columbia, Canada.

Honored to be a teacher in his native Coquitlam, British Columbia, Jeff’s passions include his wife Linda, their three kids, Amanda, Matthew and Adam, his Dad and Mom (always), brothers Greg and James, in-laws Pauline and Joe, his teammates, colleagues, friends, and the countless stories they all share. You can find him at any sporting venue or live theatre, with coffee in hand, cheering and coaching those who display courage and dare to chase greatness.

Along with writing occasional articles for local papers, Jeff’s current restlessness has him dreaming of many more novels, while writing at least one musical hit as he goes beyond the three chords he knows on his acoustic guitar.



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"A Penny For Your Thoughts" by Roy Dimond and Jeff Leitch