Star Tyger

Heirs of the Dragon's Eye - Book One

by Sultry Summers

Monitoring deep space at Peking's Kavlik Astronomy Institute, Sapphire witnesses a space battle thousands of light years across the galaxy. Shocked at what she watches, she is further amazed when her eyes begin to glow. Observing the battle has awakened powers she possesses, but kept long suppressed. Powerful orbs then flow into the telescope using it as guidance to span vast distances of space and attack the lead ship of the evil Myng the Cruel conquer of worlds. Badly damaging but not destroying Myng's ship, the Destructor, her beams leave his enemy, Prince Star TyGer's ships untouched. Enraged, Myng wants the power of these beams for himself. TyGer wants the source of this power as well to defeat Myng and stop his evil rule of debauchery. Overwhelmed by the valiant warrior Star TyGer, Sapphire follows her instincts and leaves Earth with him. With the small fleet of cloaked ships TyGer has at his command, he and Sapphire stand to fight an explosive battle against Myng.


Chapter One

2125 C.E.

 “By my ancestors, they're going to fight!” Sapphire exclaimed. Alone, she didn’t care if the only response was her voice echoing off the cavernous steel walls. She often talked to herself. All her attention focused on the viewer from the earthbound component of the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics. Despite atmospheric conditions on Earth, the viewer received clear pictures from University of Peking’s mammoth telescope locked in geosynchronous orbit. Depressing the button to keep the auto-focus set and recording, she hurried to check all the recording equipment. Sapphire carefully monitored both visual and electronic tracking data, including her own personal laptop’s record, fearful she would lose the earth-shaking event she stumbled on.

To complete a doctorate in Astrophysics, Sapphire was studying a specific sector of the galaxy. Normally an active area for rogue comets and large meteorites, two nights earlier she observed and began tracking an anomaly. Behaving as if steered, not influenced by the gravitational pull of other celestial bodies, a spectral light analysis of the comet indicated it to be made of unusual elements. Tonight, to her disappointment, the comet had vanished.

Instead, while she anxiously scanned the sector for the comet, out of the depths of deep space, one large dark ship slipped ominously into view. Capturing an alien ship on official recorded telemetry was of far greater importance than a rogue comet. Sapphire tuned her instruments, focusing on the suddenly decelerating ship, carefully keeping her equipment in position to view, observe and record.

The sheer size of the ship was overwhelming. Its omnipotent appearance sent icy chills and a dark feeling of foreboding flowing swiftly through her body. She knew none of Earth’s governments could match it, or was capable of spaceflight of such extreme distance. It had to be an extraterrestrial ship. As if to support and confirm her ill feelings about the craft, all light around it appeared dampened, pulled into the dark megalith to create a threatening dull void in the star field. Though the ship was thousands of light years away an uncontrolled shiver at the sinister manifestation raced down her spine.

Psychic by nature, Sapphire tried to dismiss her premonition, denying the unexplainable, preferring a more scientific approach. However, she couldn’t dismiss the evil presence she perceived radiating from the massive craft, despite the distance of space and time.

“What – have – I – found?” she mumbled under her breath a word at time. Captivated, her eyes locked on the advanced view screen used to assist in positioning the orbiting telescope. Sapphire was further enthralled when almost unbelievably she watched other smaller ships pop into view to surround the larger, more powerful vessel. The smaller ships clearly prepared to attack. Thousands of light years distant, not considering the space/time differential, Sapphire sensed the universe held position in a moment of decisive, tense animosity. She intuitively knew the larger ship and the number of smaller ones were deadly enemies.

Suddenly beams of high charged energy, Sapphire guessed plasma beams, flew between the ships without striking any of the vessels. Instead, a barrier some distance from the ships protected them.

“Force fields – shields…” The words left her mouth in astonished gasps. One of the smaller ships, its shield breached, exploded in a brilliant flash and then imploded into the black nothingness of space. Instinctively, she jumped away, but moved back instantly to see smaller ships emerge from the larger, sinister ship. She wondered if she were the first person on Earth to observe the deadly ballet of a dogfight in outer space.

To Sapphire’s knowledge, no one had ever seen a battle like this before. No government on Earth would admit to having knowledge of something of this magnitude in any area of the known universe. 

 I’m actually witnessing a battle between two alien combatants. Is anyone else on Earth watching this? Do I want anyone to know I’ve seen it?

 She dismissed those thoughts as fast as they came to mind and became absorbed in watching the heightening battle. Sapphire took time to glance at her instruments again, making sure they were recording. No one would believe her without proof.


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