Man in the Forest

by Shari Dare

Laiani, a creature of the forest, has healing powers. When she uses them to help a human, a man named Gar, her 'people' banish her from the woods. Gar wishes to make her a woman in every way, further alientating her from her people, causing her to go into hiding from him.


“Tell us about the Word Sprite who tended to your wounds without leaving so much as a scar,” Vorm demanded. “We have respected your wishes and given you time to heal. Now you must tell us the story.”

Gar put his hand to the place on his chest where the bear had sunk his claws in an attempt to take Gar’s life. As he did, he could feel the searing pain and welcome blackness of unconsciousness. The memory of waking up and looking into the face of the beautiful woman who tended his wounds brought a smile to his lips and tightness to his cock. He knew such creatures did not exist, but by the same token, someone had healed him. He silently vowed to find her and make her his own. More than anything he wanted to sink his cock into her velvety folds, if such creatures had the same pleasure giving area as the women he knew so well from the village.

“I have told you before, I remember little of what happened. I became lost in the forest. In my attempt to find my way home, I encountered a bear. I know not why he attacked me, but he did. He would have killed me if the gods had not intervened and drove him to other pursuits.”

“That is not what I asked,” Vorm teased. “We want to know about the woman. She must have been beautiful considering the smile on your face and the fact that your cock is hard and ready for lovemaking. I have never seen you excited in this way before.”

Gar didn’t have to think very long to picture the woman. She had been the most beautiful woman he could ever remember seeing and yet he still questioned her existence. Perhaps he had dreamed the entire thing. Sometimes dreams had a way of doing that to a man. He often awoke and wondered if he had actually lived the experiences he only experienced in his dreams.

Vorm shook his head at Gar’s silence. “I can see we will get no story from you this day, my friend. The smile that comes and goes at the mere memory of your savior is enough to fuel our imaginations.”

“Imaginations, indeed,” Gar finally declared. “Everyone knows there are no such creatures as Wood Sprites. My healing was the doing of the gods and nothing more. Do you not have other things to occupy your minds?”

The laughter of Gar’s friends assaulted his ears as they turned from him. Undaunted by their ridicule, Gar picked up his weapons and walked toward the forest.


"Man in the Forest" - Shari Dare


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