Lover In Chains

The Darkest Kynd- Book Three

by S.C. Dane

To the world they are the Grotesques—hideous chimeras and gargoyles of stone. But before they are locked in their granite prisons, they are Kynd—magnificent beings condemned to prowl the nightmares of every realm.
Their tortures will doom them to stone.
The love of a Chosen One could save them.

Urick is a magnificent beast—when he isn’t turning to stone. He’s not just grizzly bear and gargoyle, he’s also vampire, a part of himself he keeps locked down tighter than the nails in an undead's coffin. Uri’s hatred for vampire’s is personal. He needs to find his Chosen One, the woman fated to be his mate, before his anger turns him to stone for good.

Too bad his Chosen One is a vampire.

Violet isn’t proud to be a vampire, but she’s trying hard to make up for it. Her hunting blade has more vampire blood lodged in its hilt than a blood bank. Uri would be next on her list if he wasn’t so quick and strong. He’s kidnapped her and stripped her...of her weapons, although Violet wouldn’t mind a little romp with her captor, gigantic flaws and all. After all, she has a flaw of her own, one she must keep hidden. Her father is the vampire who imprisoned Uri to be his blood slave.


Once, the Kynd existed under God's grace, bearing witness to all things passing. Until the Schism, when God and Lucifer clashed and the Archangel was flung from the Heavens. Refusing to choose sides, the Kynd were damned, too. Forced to take part in the darkest realms without the touch and comfort of another, their honorable name disintegrated into the dust of history. Now they are remembered merely as gargoyles and chimerae, and in their deaths, they become monsters of stone: Grotesques. Their Chosen Ones can save them. But after enduring centuries of solitary madness, who could love something so doomed?


Chapter One


If you love something set it free? Clearly, the fucktard who said this didn’t know his ass from his armpit, or jack shit about Kynd and their Chosen Ones.

Granted, Urick had kidnapped his “love,” but hey. Watching her suck blood from a sick child’s vein had kicked him off the ledge of sanity he’d been gripping. That she was his Chosen One, a woman God—in his infinite wisdom—had seen fit to pair him with, was the diarrhea icing on his crapper of a cake.

This leech was the female destined to release him from his curse of turning to stone every day of his pathetic existence. Yay for him. Talk about the short straw and the short hairs.

Speaking of which, right then the short hairs on his balls were feeling the sting as his heretofore flaccid dick unfurled its length, while he glared at the stone around his neck—his Chosen One.

A vampire. She had to be a frigging vampire. Of all the creatures, beasts, and what-have-yous roaming these realms, he got paired with a bloodsucker. If he’d had the choice, he’d have bonded with...oh, Medusa maybe, or Typhoid Mary.

Urick scraped his palm from forehead to nape and back again. Pressing the heel of his hand to the bridge of his nose, he fought the roar climbing his throat. It didn’t help that his peepers stole a look across the cave floor to the very thing he loathed.

The female was curled up on the ground across from him, her legs folded up to her chest. She had one arm bent under her head as a makeshift pillow to keep her hair out of the dirt. The other arm she had clasped around her shins to hold her knees to her belly.

The classic fetal position. A pose meant to illicit sympathy and pity.

She can rot there. The pang flaring in his chest was as short-lived as the strike of a match, but no less of a burning bitch. It reminded him that he needed her, that they were inescapably connected. That the coiled piece of feminine flesh on the ground in front of him was the key to his salvation.

So, yeah, no. As much as he loathed the fact she was meant to be his, Uri wouldn’t be setting her free and hoping she came back to him. He needed to be absolutely certain she did. As much as the idea wrung his guts into all kinds of pain and sickness.

She was supposed to be the one to even his keel, to keep the cheese on his cracker. God knew, his slice of Velveeta was slipping off its little square of carbohydrate.

As a chimera, he should be exulting in the triple whammy strength of being three creatures balled into one. Instead, he was gargoyle, grizzly, and cock-sucking vampire. Which, maybe he could deal with if he hadn’t been—

“Quit looking at me like that, perv.”

Uri’s hand fell from the bridge of his nose. “Say what?”

“You heard me. And if you think I’m going to let you lay your filthy paws on me, you’re going to be the recipient of a new asshole.” The woman propped herself up on one arm and tossed her head like she was flinging her long tresses over her shoulder.

Which she wasn’t. Her hair was cropped chin length, slightly longer in the front than the back, showcasing the different tints of blonde. Her hair was everything from platinum to rose gold to sunny yellow. In the shafted moonlight of the cave, it made him think of salty beaches and long stretches of hot sand. The kind of fine granules where you could wriggle your ass into, then flake out to bake your bones.


Uri blinked like he’d been staring at the sun. When had the woman gotten to her feet? Fumbling like he wore ice skates, he found some altitude, the sudden launch to vertical dropping his blood pressure. He jabbed a finger at her. “Stay put.”

The woman narrowed the prettiest eyes he’d ever seen. True liquid amber, and somehow the party-mix blonde of her hair set her irises off like they were coins from ages past. Uri ground his back teeth to keep his mouth from flopping open.

“Like I can go anywhere.” She jutted her chin as she put her hands on her hips. A defiant stance worth nothing, not when he could hear her pulse flicking quicker than a hamster’s wheel. Besides, he’d chosen this cave for the metals embedded in the earthen walls. After what had been done to him, he cherished the safety of a place no vampires could teleport into. Or out of, as the case was now.

“You dug your own grave.” His lip curled off his right fang.

“I dug my own—?” She launched at him so fast he yanked his hands up to keep her from clubbing him in the puss. But just as he was expecting contact, she dropped from view and the next thing he saw was the jagged ceiling of the cave as she swept his legs out from under him.

He landed on his ass with no fine-grained sand to cushion the landing. As his breath punched out of his lungs, her face loomed into his field of vision, her pale cheeks smudged a dusky pink, her little fangs…beguiling. “I did not ask for this. You kidnapped me, remember. Or is stupidity a Kynd trait right along with—”

With a snag and grab, he muckled her and flipped to his stomach. On her back, her long legs stretched between his, their pelvises locked like Legos so his frigging erect shaft nestled into the soft flesh of her lower belly despite their clothing.Her wrists felt tiny and fragile in his big hands, and the feel of those small bones turned something inside him like a key tumbling a lock.

Damn him, but it felt right to feel her against him. Fundamentally sound for her body to be so close to his. Maybe he should give her a chance, share with her why vampires made him want to bellow and decapitate them for the evil things they’d done to him.

She was his Chosen One. She deserved a shot at finding a place in his heart. He could do that for her, at least. After all, she was right. He’d kidnapped her, and after three days he still hadn’t tried to talk to her, to explain. Pegging her as a typical vampire, he hadn’t asked why she’d been feasting on the blood of sick children before he’d grabbed her and brought her to this hole in the Earth.

Yes, good idea to share. Her gold eyes were shimmering as though she held back her tears. With his heart cramping up in his chest, Uri eased his grip and lifted his hips.

She kneed him in the balls.

As his lungs clocked out, he sagged, curling himself around the car bomb of his midsection. Fists gripped like grim death to her wrists, he dragged her into the spiral of his pain, cloaking her with his big body so she couldn’t run.

He wasn’t sure if when he opened his mouth he’d vomit something other than words, but he gave it a go. “What the hell?” he croaked, blessedly chunk-free.

She stiffened inside his embrace then jabbed an elbow into his ribs. His reflexes forced him to squeeze the little bones of her wrists. “”

“Let me go!”

Scrubbing his hot face against the back of her head, he snarled, “I can’t.” As she squirmed in his arms all he could feel was the delicateness of her flesh and the incongruous strength in her muscles. Her hair felt as soft as the powder from a butterfly’s wings.

“You can’t, or you won’t?” She scissor-kicked, nearly freeing herself with the momentum. Ignoring the shrieking pain in his ball sac, he locked his legs around hers so they were laying on the cave floor like two angry spoons.

“Damn it, female! Stop!” She wiggled more, her butt cheeks cranking down on his erect dick. Stiff-arming her, he pushed away from the tempting sensation, the scent of her heated skin washing over him. She took advantage of the space between them, twisting fast to free her right arm.

He blocked the punch, but the back of his hand over her fist still hit him under the chin.

“Son of a bitch.” Those skinny arms had some horsepower behind them. And what do you know? He could feel her tensing for another shot at his face. As they grappled, he grew acutely aware of the subtle shifts of her body, the slide of her muscles against his.

With their body heat mingling, her scent grew stronger, and Uri gripped her tighter. “Stop,” he rasped, surprised by how breathy he sounded. He didn’t want to hurt her, not even in retaliation. She was his Chosen One—regardless of how he felt about it—the urge to do her harm was non-existent.

She, however, had no compunction. His balls were singing the proof of that.

Still, he watched her pulse throb under the pale skin of her neck, mesmerized by the tempo thumping with the beat of his own, her skin jumping at the small pulse point. Numb as a pounded thumb, he dipped his head to flick his tongue against the fluttering vein.

Oh, God. Huge mistake. All he did was spank it, make it ready. Nostrils flared, he slanted for another taste—

“What the fuck! You’re a vampire?”

Uri reared back as if she’d slapped him with the peen end of a hammer. “No!” he roared, the sound vibrating across his lengthening fangs. In his empty, aching gut, though, he felt the heaviness of his denial. “I am Kynd! I am no bloodsucker!”

"Lover in Chains" by SC Dane



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