Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson is the author of seven other frontier novels and short stories, many of the titles available as e-books and audio books and on the shelves of libraries across the country. His e-books are also available in the UK and elsewhere.

Peterson is a member of Western Writers of America and of Western Fictioneers, an award-winning artist, the great grandson of a Confederate veteran and descended from Cherokees who trudged the Trail of Tears.

"My writing stems from a lifelong fascination with the American West—it's history, myths and legends. I became a devotee and student of frontier history and fiction at an early age. My novels are campfire tales, thoroughly and painstakingly researched and true to the conditions and character of the country and its inhabitants as they existed then."





Available Now

"All The Sad Young Savages" by Pete Peterson "They Brother's Blood" by Pete Peterson

Short Stories
"Bloodbath at Picture Rock" by Pete Peterson