The Secret Journey

by Paul Christian

Yeah I want you, spread on my bed like a banquet..."

With these words, author Paul Christian starts weaving a seductive web that inexorably draws the reader into his dark and intensely erotic world. The line between fantasy and reality blurs, grows faint, and is finally broken as he beguiles the reader into a compelling sexual exploration unlike any other. Half narrative, half love letter, The Secret Journey is not a story but an experience, arousing, hypnotic, and relentlessly compelling. It is a masterwork destined to stand with the classics of erotic literature.


Ab Initio

Yeah I want you.  I want you, spread on my bed like a banquet.  I want you to feed the hunger of my lust, and slake the thirst of my desire.  I want you like nothing else and I’m going to have you too.  I’m going to have you right now, just take you, just make you do exactly everything you want so much for me to make you do.  What I love is the way your pupils dilate when I say that, when you read that.  What I love is the way your breathing quickens ever so slightly, the way your lips part, suddenly dry.

Right now, this time, this place, it’s just you and me, alone and private.  This is our time and nothing else counts, all the rules are gone.  You aren’t reading this when and where I’m writing it, but it’s still the same thought, the same words surging from my mind and into you, into the fertile womb of your imagination.  I don’t know you, not even your name.  I can’t see you, can’t hear you, but I can feel you out there and I am so going to have you, oh yes, oh yes.  I don’t give a damn about your husband or your boyfriend or your girlfriend.  I don’t care what your family or your neighbours or your friends might think.  This is about me and you and nothing matters but the fact that you’re a ripe and fertile woman and I’m a man strong enough and smart enough to have you like this.  You can deny it if you want, but you’ve licked your parted lips by now and you’re not going to stop reading.  You don’t want the phone to ring, you don’t want a friend to visit.  You’re mine and I’m already taking you exactly where you need to be taken and you don’t want it to stop.


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