Guardian 2632

by Nora Weston

Travel through time with Dr. Zane Grayson, executive director of Guardian TMF…a monstrous time traveling facility, as he fights against corruption, Elites, Time Mercs, and his own obsession with time surfing to realize his future may actually exist in the past, 1998 to be exact. Guardian 2632—a story of epic proportions depicting what a man will sacrifice to save a life.

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Excerpt from Chapter 9

 “Hey, you can trust me. Come on, I know something is wrong. What is it?” He moved in closer to her. “Maybe I can help. You never know.” Looking confident, but compassionate with those dark eyes of his, Zane said, “You really need to come clean, huh? And, Julia, your secrets are safe with me.”


Julia’s body tensed up as she looked away for a few seconds. Then, staring at Zane, she said, “Yes, for some unexplainable, totally whacked out reason, I do feel safe with you.” A smile showed itself as her shoulders dropped and tension was replaced by relief. “Okay, I’m in a mess, and I’m not sure what to

do. My husband, Jack, is out of control. He drinks, gambles, and deals drugs, plus I’m not sure what else he’s gotten into.”


“I see,” said Zane. “You have your hands full, that’s for sure.”


“Yeah, he’s a good cop, gone bad. He’s abusive, just mean as hell, and I’ve tried giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I must leave him. He’ll kill me if I stay. I know—I should’ve already left him.”


“Um, yeah, I’d say that’s a must do. Go on, Julia, tell me everything.”


Within minutes, she unloaded all of her troubles and fears, confiding in Zane about the torment Jack had been causing her. A few tears ran down Julia’s slightly blushed cheeks.


“Everything will be okay.” Zane wiped those troubled tears away offering her hope and then touched her face ever so lightly. “I know you’ll leave him. You won’t have a future if you stay. Guys like Jack rarely get better. Usually, they get worse until someone they love, or they think they love, dies. Bridget…you said she was your best friend, she’ll help. Just get away from that monster.” He moved Julia’s vanilla-scented hair away from her sad eyes.


This time, Julia held Zane’s hand pressing it to her face. She then kissed his hand and then released his touch from her. “Thanks. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me.”


Hours passed, literally vanished as Julia filled Zane’s timehole with her lovely presence.


All at once, Julia’s eyes lit up with more than just candlelight. “Come on, leave with me. We must get out of here.” She tugged at his arm saying, “Tonight, I’m forgetting who I am. I’ve been in hell way too long. I think you’ve been sent to me from above. Coming?”


Excitedly, Zane followed Julia to her car. Unable to wait, he pressed her against the door kissing her neck like he’d die if he didn’t get a bite of her sweet flesh. “Um, you smell divine,” he whispered while holding her tight.


Julia’s hands slid through Zane’s hair to finally caress his back as she kissed him releasing years of sorrow. “Oh, wow…I feel unleashed,” said Julia softly. Laughing, she squirmed away and opened the door. “Get in.”


Unable to fight against fate, they invaded each other’s space while Julia drove. After twenty minutes, she pulled into a beat up parking lot. The sign above the tiny motel read, “Hollow Creek Inn.” She turned the car off and then whispered, “Tonight is our time.”


Zane glanced around. “Uh, classy place, huh?”


“Yep, only the best for us,” replied Julia. “Well, it’s a dive, but no one will recognize me here. Come on.”


Staring at Julia, Zane said, “There’s no place I’d rather be.” He pulled her close. As Julia’s hair brushed across his skin, he closed his eyes saying, “Remember, I don’t have long. Damn government job, but I wish to God I could stay longer.” Opening his eyes, he smiled while stroking her face. “You have no idea how much I want to, yet it’s impossible and—”


Julia interrupted him. “Yeah, it’s okay. I get it, Zane. You’ve been upfront with me, but I don’t give a damn about your job. I need you right now. You do want me…don’t you?”


“Want you? I’ve never wanted anyone more.”


Within minutes, they rushed inside of their tacky hotel room unaware of the downright pitiful surroundings. Flowered wallpaper peeled, dusty copper and green plaid curtains hung on for dear life, and a dead plant had spilled on the small side table…but at least the bed looked clean. And yet, despite the

bleak accommodations, the air smelled heavenly, like it had been tainted with an ancient spell.


Clutching Julia’s hand, Zane pulled her against his chest and then pressed his lips upon her delicious mouth.


In absolute denial of their stolen situation, they fell onto the bed. Two boards from underneath dropped, as their clothes flew into the air. Laughter ensued.


“I don’t want this night to end,” said Julia.


Outlining her lips so gently…Zane nodded in agreement and then a half smile crossed his handsome face.


Two seconds later, fate took over as their mouths met.


Julia pounced on top of Zane ravishing his body with true affection.


Back in 2632, Zane’s vital signs definitely rose. He watched as immeasurable, erotic passion filled to the brim and then overflowed. “Heaven can’t be any better,” he whispered while memorizing every curve of her magnificent body. “Ah, yes—that was a night of pure ecstasy. We do belong together.”



Nora Weston "Guardian 2632"


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