Nell DuVall

Nell DuVall Nell DuVall aka Mel Jacob lives in southern Ohio with two cats, plenty of wild birds, rabbits, and squirrels. A world traveler, she has written a variety of books including time travel romance, romantic suspense, speculative fiction, nonfiction, and children's books. She reviews for two websites covering speculative fiction, including fantasy, urban fantasy, and science fiction. She is also active in the Internet Writing Workshop and on





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Murder In The Shadows series
"Murder in Her Dreams" - Nell DuVall "Murder in the Cards" by Nell DuVall "Murder in the Cards" by Nell DuVall

"Selvage" by Nell DuVall

Short Stories
"The Corpulent Chiropteran" by Nell DuVall "Saving Marta" by Nell DuVall "The Three Gifts of Christmas" by Nell DuVall

Multi-Author Anthologies
"Christmas Wishes 2012" "Holiday Hopes"