The Corpulent Chiropteran

by Nell DuVall

Wally, a reluctant vampire, faces a lonely life until he meets Bernice, but the evil Estrella has other ideas.


Did she really live in this…this haunted house? Maybe she didn’t have the money to keep it up. Too many people sought too few jobs. Sure, that had to be it.

He opened her car door and took her hand to assist her. “I’ll walk you to the door.”

She led him to the rickety porch and then inside to a dark hallway. The smell of mildew and damp earth made him sneeze.

“Uh, sorry,” he mumbled. Damn allergies.

“Wait here while I light the lamp.” She disappeared into the murk and he heard a door open. Soon, a faint glow penetrated the gloom and cast wavering shadows. No electricity. She came through the door and took his hand.

“You’re cold,” he said in surprise.

“Ah, ‘cold hands, warm heart,’” she teased. “Have a seat.”

The lamp revealed little of the room. She placed it on a table next to an overstuffed sofa with some vaguely floral pattern and settled on it. She pulled him down to sit beside her.

“I’ve looked forward to this all evening.” Her smile made her teeth white against blood-red lips. “You have such lovely rosy cheeks, so round, so soft.” Her long fingers caressed his face and slid down his throat to his collar.

“Uh, thanks … Achoo!” He sneezed again.

His shirt collar constricted his throat, so he tugged at it as sudden fire made him sweat.

“Here, let me loosen that.”          

Corpulent Chiropteran


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Holiday - Halloween

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