Saving Marta

by Nell DuVall

When a lonely young woman and man conspire to save an elderly woman, they have no inkling of where their efforts will lead. Elderly Marta Walters only wants to die after losing her youngest son in the Afghan War and suffering the painful aftermath of hip surgery. Her other son, Jase, desperate to help her, enlists the aid of Trudy Ballentine. Christmas is coming and he wants it to be one they can all celebrate.


Trudy’s phone rang at six-thirty Friday evening, and, as she answered it, willed it to be Drew. “Hello?”

“Hi, Babe, how about dinner tonight?” His familiar voice came out of the phone.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” Trudy replied. “Not working tonight?”

“Nope, and I thought we could have a nice dinner at Aldo’s, and I could make up for neglecting you.”

“Aldo’s? Guess you scored big this week.”

“Yeah, I did at that. Pick you up at seven. Gotta run. See you then.”

He didn’t even wait for her to say yes or ask about his success. That puzzled her. She’d better get dressed. Something a little more elegant than jeans and a tee. After reviewing her closet, she settled on a black jersey dress with a flared skirt. A pair of dangling silver earrings and a turquoise and silver necklace looked well with the simple dress. He hadn’t left her enough time to have her hair done. She fluffed it and then settled on a French twist. After re-touching her makeup, she decided she’d do. Finished, she went to the living room to await his arrival.

It wasn’t that they didn’t go to nice places for dinner, but none rated as high as Aldo’s. She assumed he scored big with a new client. Maybe, just maybe, he’d ask her to marry him.

They’d fallen into their relationship after she sought his advice on setting up an IRA and investing in a few stocks. Her firm didn’t offer such options, and she couldn’t rely on them for a pension. These days Social Security didn’t go far, and, with all the discussions about cutting the deficit, she suspected the current low rates would dip even lower. As it was, the politicians kept raising the retirement age.

"Saving Marta" by Nell DuVall


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Holiday - Christmas

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