Wicked Lustful Tales

Complete Collection

by Maria Cox

Wicked Lustful Tales is a compilation of stories that blend, drama, friendship and most certainly steamy romance.

During a group cycling vacation in the Caribbean Shana White learns that her boyfriend is moving to New York to further his career without her. With no intention of sulking Shana opts for a day excursion with former beau and fellow cyclist Nick Marino. After a biking accident leaves them stranded the rekindling of an old friendship and memories of their torrid past emerge leaving Shana to struggle with conflicting emotions. Now on the rebound can she afford to seek solace in Nick's arms and risk heartache all over again?

The Charity Event
With a career in photography about to take off Adam Baxter is at the top of his game. Office buddy Jennifer Silva has been a supportive friend from the start and the two have an easygoing platonic relationship. But when Adam's assistant Nellie singles out Adam's jealous behavior he's forced to analyze his true feelings for beautiful, caring Jennifer. Adam knows all too well that a romantic involvement can complicate matters. So, is Adam ready to put it all on the line and take their friendship to the next level?

Snowed In
When Nina Bates discloses her pregnancy she's soon shunned by her boyfriend and her mother. Alone and confused Nina turns to her grandmother who suggests she leave her hometown of Seattle and move to Alaska. In Anchorage, divorcee Dexter McIver hires Nina as live-in nanny to his son. An emotional bond develops between them and after Nina delivers her baby the smoldering attraction that existed for months threatens to boil over. With so much at stake should Nina and Dexter go out on a limb for a brief liaison?

Phone Sex
Advertising executive Gina Blanchard has her hands full with not only a busy conference schedule, but a difficult employee too. Fatigued, she calls her boyfriend Dylan Jessup. He encourages Gina to unwind and experiment with a one of a kind sexual experience.

Summer Love
Bryn Banks, a city girl at heart, travels to North Dakota for a summer program in rural Coleharbor, North Dakota. There, she works with biologist Kyle Norman, a small town guy. As they work closely together, the relationship becomes intimate. When the summer draws to a close, Bryn urges Kyle to come with her, but he resists.

Married and in Lust
After three weeks on the road, professional hockey player Ethan Lewis returns home for Thanksgiving. When he sees another man approach his wife Whitney as she waits for him, jealousy and desire take over. Ethan conjures a wild intimate encounter but is he able to persuade a reluctant Whitney to take part?



Chapter One


Shana flashed past several riders on the rustic trail. Beads of perspiration dotted her forehead then streamed down her temple, her gear was damp, and her backpack was nearly plastered on her back. It was barely ten in the morning and the air was already damp and overpowering.

When Vicky Marino, friend and cycling buddy, proposed a trip to the Dominican Republic, Shana White jumped at the opportunity. The island was known for having the most varied terrain of all of the Caribbean, lush valleys, rain forests, sand dunes, even secluded waterfalls, and over the years, many members of the Chicago’s Cycling Club raved about the biking trails in the small island as being one of a kind. So far Shana wasn’t disappointed and given her companion’s fervent cycling neither was Nick Marino.

Nick’s solo presence that morning was unexpected, but Shana had little if nothing about which to complain as she too arrived alone. Vicky was confined to a hotel suite with an unpleasant stomach bug and Lance? Well Lance was just gone.

The Gaspar Hernandez route was challenging as the tour guide promised, and it suited Shana just fine. After an unpleasant evening with Lance the previous night, the rigorous workout was a welcomed distraction—something to make her reflect less on the mess that was her life. Bike riding was the best therapy available, present company excluded, of course, as travel buddy, and former beau Nick Marino, did little but rouse her tattered nerves.

A quarter mile up the road when it plateaued, Shana decided against the flat lands and continued on to a secluded road, which according to the hotel brochure would eventually lead them to Moca. Shana was in no rush, not today. She hoped that neither was Nick.

A quick glance back over her shoulder and not far behind was Nick in high pursuit, managing to keep up despite her ad lib change of plans. She smiled.

When Vicky introduced Shana to her cousin, Nick Marino, at the cycling club, Shana was instantly infatuated. Nick was in his mid thirties and he was tall, lean, fit, and handsome as all hell. He was single, unattached, and awesome company. By all accounts Nick was boyfriend material except Nick wasn’t looking for a girlfriend and probably never would be.

Shana should’ve had more sense than to agree to a ‘sex with no strings attached’ relationship when Nick proposed it back then. On the surface the arrangement was ideal for the two. Nick was focusing on his career, and she was finishing school, neither had much time to dedicate to a full on relationship. She just never imagined that the casual acquaintance would come to mean so much to her.

“Are you trying to get to Moca in record time?” Nick hollered.

“Maybe…” she shouted back, “Catch me if you can!”

A hearty laugh echoed. “What do I get if catch you?”

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out,” she yelled back.

Focused on the trail ahead Shana bent over the bicycle, grabbed onto the handlebars and cycled forward. She pedaled fast and furious past a field of jasmines and continued for several minutes before taking a breather. Of all days, today Shana needed the rush, the excitement, the euphoria that followed a long bike ride.

“I’d thought you’d be ecstatic.” Lance told her when the news of his out-of-state promotion came to light the day before. It’d been a slip of his tongue during the cyclist’s dinner, really.

Shana was too shocked to speak.

“We’re talking about New York City! You always said you wanted to go there.”

In their hotel suite the previous night, Shana and Lance, her boyfriend of two years, had done little but argue his secret promotion at the heart of their fight. God, she didn’t want to think about Lance let alone his dishonesty, yet he was there, tormenting her even in spirit.

New York was a topic she and Lance discussed on and off, but the conversation had never gone down the serious road. Had it reached that point, Shana would’ve certainly told Lance she wasn’t willing to go through with the drastic move.

“Damn it!” An iguana scurried under her bike and she outmaneuvered it, managing to keep the bicycle upright.

Shana laughed out loud. “Lucky son of a gun.” Shana curved past a handful of fruit trees and continued onward without missing a turn.

“Show off!” Nicked yelled from somewhere behind, amusement in his voice.

She chuckled. “Hater!” Hands clenched on the handles she arched forward and tore across harsher terrain, Shana cut the corner and pedaled uphill Nick was in hot pursuit now.

Long before Lance and Nick tagged along for their Caribbean vacation, she and Vicky planned the trip to be a cycler’s retreat. She and Vicky were very much outdoor enthusiasts, but Shana, in particular, loved everything about it; being out in the open, one with nature and most important yet, to be removed from the real world.

“New York City isn’t much different than Chicago.” Lance told her.

“Still, it’s a major move, Lance.”

“Well, have you considered just how important this is for me? Lance asked.

 “Of course I have.” It wasn’t every day that a young attorney received such an offer, this Shana knew.

“Then you’re just being selfish,” Lance spewed.

If his accusation wasn’t so outrageous, Shana would’ve laughed. The only selfish person in the relationship was Lance.

Lance was her boyfriend of two years, someone she cared for and loved, but it’d taken that trip for Shana to finally see what her friends and Dad saw. Lance Holt was an arrogant, self-centered snob.

“Shana!” Nick’s voice cut through her thoughts, “Watch out!”
"Wicked Lustful Tales: Complete Collection" by Maria Piork


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