Luna Carrol

                                          Luna Carrol

Luna was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and doesn't live that far from Charlotte now. Her love of romantic and dark tales began in elementary school and earned her more than a few odd looks from the mothers of childhood friends.

It wasn't bad enough that she preferred horror and suspense movies to the more popular teenage girl movies, but she also had to dress the part for Halloween and frequent games of pretend with neighborhood friends.

Now living a very normal life in a small traditional town, Luna restricts her fantasies to pen and paper. In fact, she was leading down the path of an incredibly normal life until the death of her father. With his death she decided to take pen in hand again to help her through this difficult time.

When asked where she gets her ideas from she laughs and says, "Lifeā€¦and death. I want my readers to stop and think. They should be able to see themselves in my books even if they don't want to. I was a little tired of picking up a romance novel and seeing the same plots repeatedly. After a while I began revisiting the classic novels and realized that today's novel is missing a lot of that originality and deep thought. The characters, especially the villains, are all too often predictable and one dimensional today. So, in short, coming up with an idea isn't hard at all. I just take ordinary people, plug them in extraordinary situations, search their souls, and expose their greatest fears and weaknesses. Not hard at all."


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