Sex in Bloom

by J. Troy Seate

In curious little out-of-the-way haunts and hotbeds of ribaldry, exuberantly horny people are to be found in a simpler world from times gone by as well as contemporary settings. These nine tales do not seek moonlight or magnolias. They reflect an out-of-the-mainstream feel where virtues, vices, and eroticism are only learned through first-hand experiences. The story might be raunchy or humorous depending on the characters' points of view for they are certainly unreceptive to logic or reason, the rascals. But they do find themselves to be full of awe and wonder, among other things.

Discoveries to be made: A boy gets his first glimpse of a heavenly body. Lust blooms in the Louisiana bayou. A lad has his first blind date. Texans do a two-step. A young woman meets a beach boy. A woman thrills at riding bareback. A farm boy gathers his flock. Two high school enigmas cross paths. And finally, a man finds adventure in a sleazy motel room out west. Here's hoping you find the journey through Sex in Bloom to be a pleasurable one.

The Most Amazing Day Ever at Faye's Diner:
Judy Beth has big dreams and will do almost anything to make them come true. But first, she has to figure a way to get out of town. The dubious innocence of a young woman and the awakening of a younger boy demonstrate both exploitation and compassion while capturing a little nostalgia along the way.

Reborn on the Bayou:
Along the Delta near a bayou, its summertime and the livin' is easy. Catfish are jumpin' and so is Charles Ray's pecker over thoughts of the sultry Lula Mae. So what's takin' him so long to act? Maybe it's the heat.

Wally Hickerson's Night of Golden Memories:
How often do events go as planned in the process of losing one's virginity? On one glorious night, Wally faces plenty of twists on the road to the climactic event, but not along the path he expects.

Texas Hold 'Em:
What could be more invigorating than sex under the stars? How about finding out you're playing to a large, unsympathetic audience. Anything is possible out on the lone prairie as one group of merry-makers is soon to find out.

Surf's Up for Susie: Susie was ready for fun and frolic when she visited the coast. But even she was amazed at the brave new world waiting amidst the moonlight, saltwater, sand and naked bodies wanting to teach her a few beach games.

Just Horsing Around:
For Rosie, there is jolly good fun to be had both on the back of her stallion and with her current lover who is her stallion in the bedroom. When she is ready to ride or play, you better know what Rosie is in to.

Young MacDonald Had a Farm:
Things aren't as dull out on the farm as you might think. With a couple of young and horny fillies on the loose, it could be as good as it gets.

A Blast from the Past
A high school antagonist comes back to haunt an old schoolmate, but this time he may carry the key to a life of success and sexual romps with his wife as the hottest key of all.

Between the Crosshairs:
The Jersey Shore gang might be dysfunctional, but the characters in Crosshairs are different in their own way. This is a tale about winding up in a strange place and losing oneself in a mixed bag of voyeuristic and graphic delights.



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? Heat Level: 4

J. Troy Seate - "Sex in Bloom"


The little bell rang as the door opened and she stepped in.  She wore a cotton print dress with lavender flowers and red leather dress-up shoes with medium heels.  The dress looked like mail-order Sears, but everything looked good on Judy Beth.  She also carried a beat-up suitcase.

Lester noticed her first.  His jaw stopped in mid-chew on a slice of toast.  Soon everyone, including Faye, stopped what they were doing to wonder what could bring Judy Beth into the old man’s club at this hour.

She stood just inside the door, sat the suitcase down, and brushed her hair back over the shells of her ears.  It was a cute little habit of hers.  Everyone waited.

“I need about fifty bucks,” she said unsteadily.  “I’ve got bus money, but I need a little more to buy some stuff.”

This wasn’t what Johnny had expected.  Judy Beth had told him she was going to make a grand entrance and give a few of the old codgers who’d given her grief over the years an ear full.  Then she was going to flash her ass at them and hit the road, leaving this grimy town behind once and for all.  That would be a real thigh-slapper, yessiree bob.  But she must have had a change of heart because begging for money was the last thing he ever thought she would do.

No one responded to Judy Beth’s rather strange request.  Instead, they appeared dumbfounded that she was telling the townsfolk she was shaking off the dust and going somewhere.

She looked at the assemblage and sighed.  Then she sat her suitcase next to the door.  She stepped on a chair and climbed on top of an unoccupied table in the middle of the room.  It wobbled a might until she was carefully centered.  Her brows puckered together and she made a little knot of her mouth.  “This is the only way I know to get some dough without breaking the law.”