Raided Pleasures

by Jaden Sinclair

Reaper, captain of The Ravisher, a pirate who has spent a very long time at getting back at the man who ruined his life, has finally found the tool he needs. Tabetha Kimberlin. She is the key to everything he needs to get his life back, only he didn't expect her to be his heart or count on falling in love with her. He didn't think that there would be more to his life than getting even, or a purpose beyond revenge.



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? Heat Level: 5

Raided Pleasures


Chapter One 

He watched the Maria Clair sail in the night on still waters with no moon to help guide them. It was just the way Reaper liked it. The crew on The Ravisher was still as the night, not one member made a sound as the ship silently glided up close enough to the location for their planned raid.

Like a maiden waiting to be plucked on her wedding night, so was their target, a ship filled with slaves and other goods. He needed this ship, needed what was on board to pay off his debt to the second captain aboard and the debt that still lingered over his head. His father left him with so little and yet so much at the same time. Stakes of I.O.U’s, people walking into his home and taking personal possessions as payment.

When he walked away from his childhood home, it was one of the worst days of his life. The only thing left to him was his ship, and that became his home. It was a shame when an honest man had to take up pirating to make a living and, even worse, when you discover that the one man who ruined your life, or made sure you would be ruined, was now happy and about to become very rich.

Gomda Sadovnik, now a Governor, happened to be just like him—a working man, but somewhere, sometime, as Reaper happened to be gone off to school, his father formed a liaison with Gomda. That son of a bitch took every nickel his father had, though even that wasn’t enough. He didn’t just want the money, he wanted to ruin the family name and leave not even a speck of dirt for Reaper or his father. He would’ve gotten his wish, if Reaper hadn’t come home and quickly paid off every bill the bastard had created with his father. Now Reaper had his name still, a ship, and vengeance on his shoulders to pay back the man who, for whatever reason, just about ruined him.

And with great pleasure, Reaper took every ship Sadovnik owned, took the goods, burned the ships and made a nice living off of the man. This ship wasn’t going to be any different from the others, yet his gut told him that something was different.

“Now Lee!” Reaper hissed.

Cannons went off, the black pirate flag of The Ravisher went up, and men tossed lines over to the other ship. He stood and watched as his men took over the Maria Clair and pulled her to a dead stop. Not one cannon or gunfire was let loose. It almost seemed like they were either dead in the sea or it was a set up. A plank got shoved over for the rest of the crew as well as Reaper. He boarded the other ship, looking around, expecting the fight to start any second.

“Lee, talk to me!” Reaper demanded as he walked around the deck of the Maria Clair.

“You gonna be happy this time.” Lee smiled. “Slave ship with passengers and they dead in the sea. Men down below repairing the rutter.”

“How many passengers?” Reaper stopped his walking.

“Get your hands off of me!” a woman yelled.