The Faenum Quest - Book One

by Dennis K. Hausker

David Cray suffers a trauma which ends the life he's known on Earth. An unknown uncle shows up to convince him to travel to his father's planet where he begins a life journey that starts as a quest to the dark fortress of Mortus. He gathers a group of friends who share his trials, tribulations, and his hopes. Dave begins to transform as his buried heritage from his father develops and that includes magic and power. Dave comes to Faenum unprepared in virtually every way. He's constantly surprised by what he encounters, he performs miraculous acts he can't explain, he doubts his decisions and feels overwhelmed by events and people in his new world. Dave becomes the de facto leader of the quest, but leads them into a trap and galling captivity. They escape from Mortus eventually but they're much changed people, never to be the same again.

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“Are you still angry, David?”

“About some things, yes I am.”

“What about you and your life?”

“I had trouble picking a major in college. I played sports for fun and I was really good, but when it came to academics, I had trouble getting enthused about any particular subject. I was smart enough, but wasn’t motivated and finally graduated with a social science degree. With the economy in rough shape, there are zero jobs out there and I have no idea what to do about a career. Mom was content to live a simple life. She didn’t make a great deal of money and her job was average, but she didn’t care. As long as I was taken care of, that was all that mattered. I wanted to return the favor and take care of her so she could take it easy, but I never got that chance.”

“Do you have a girl, someone that you desire for a mate?”

“No, I date, but there’s no one special to me. Being unemployed, I wouldn’t even think about marriage.”

He paused and sipped his coffee.

“Tell me how you know my mother.”

“This is going to sound unbelievable, David. I don’t ask you to take anything I say just on my word alone. Later, I’ll show you proof. I simply ask that you hear me out until I finish. Please don’t interrupt me with questions. If you have any when I’m done, you can ask me then.”

“Okay,” said Dave.

“I know that I look different from other people. There’s a reason for that. I am different, as was your father. We were not born on Earth. We were born on a planet far from here called Diasporia. That planet suffered a great calamity that forced all of the inhabitants to flee annihilation in the ancient past. It was centuries before life could return to the planet. The new residents were immigrants, drawn from many other worlds. The current residents know the planet as Faenum, which comes from their word for refuge. My people were scattered on other worlds and only a relatively small number of them chose to return to our ancestral home. You must understand that I’m talking about fundamental differences between Earth and Faenum. They’re not in the same universe. Here the laws of nature are different. Where you have technology as your standard, on Faenum, there is no technology, but instead there is magic.”

“What?” Dave asked, skeptically.

“No questions yet, David. The proof of magic is that I’m here standing before you. I didn’t come here in a space vessel. We don’t fly to other planets. You wonder how your father and your mother could have met and fallen in love. Your father was brilliant and he was gifted beyond any of us. He perfected his craft and then developed new skills and abilities. It was he that delved into the ancient records of our forefathers and learned the great secrets of their migration, and he learned about the vast powers they wielded. With that power, he learned about other universes and conceived of traveling outside of our own universe. He took a great risk on his first effort to accomplish such travel, because if he was wrong he would have died in the attempt. That endeavor brought him here to Earth, but he was sapped of strength and in bad shape. It came to pass that he arrived near your mother’s house. She happened upon him lying unconscious in a forest, took him to her home and nursed him back to health. Their bond grew rapidly. Doran learned from his mistakes in that first attempt, so he fixed the process to make it safe to travel again. He was able to bring Mary back to Faenum where they were married and then they came back to Earth and had a wedding here too. Unfortunately, they had too little time together. Events on Faenum required your father to take action against an enemy too terrible to contemplate, but there was no one else to do it. Since there was no guarantee he could prevail, he sent his pregnant wife back to Earth where she would be safe, but they both knew their lives together were over. He gave her his love, but he told her that she should not tell you about him. Rather, she should raise you here where you were safe from the perils on Faenum.”

“So, what happened to him?”

“No one can be sure. He went on a quest, a suicide mission to breech the dark fortress called Mortus. No one ever chooses to go there and no one that has gone there has ever returned.”

Dennis K. Hausker - "Mortus"


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