Carla F. Cripps

                                      Carla F. Cripps

Carla, like so many authors, was an early, avid reader, starting with the Richmond (VA) Times Dispatch before she started first grade. Growing up mostly in Newport News, she wrote her first short love story at eleven (romances came much later) and once devised a short fairytale to answer a college exam question (for a degree in Fine Arts, not Creative Writing). She finally accepted that writing regularly was fundamental to her way of life when she set up a home art studio and realized she was spending all her time at the keyboard instead of the easel.

Carla now lives and writes Down Under, inspired by both her endlessly fascinating new homeland (where photographing Australian birds has become another passion), and fond memories of her beloved old one. With Six You Get Vampires is Carla's first sole-author anthology. You can find out more about Carla's work and interests at her website.


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