Tattoos, Leather & Studs

by Brenda Whiteside

Rachael suspects her date, Jason, is a drug dealer, and she's torn between her attraction for this hot bad boy and running for safety. But a famous rock star vying for her attention and spiked champagne pose far more trouble. On a blind date she'll never forget, Rachael learns first impressions can lead her down a dangerous path and straight into the arms of love.


Rachael opened the door of her apartment expecting the man she’d seen at the Music Loft six months ago and instead got torn jeans, a gauche silver-studded leather jacket thrown over his arm, long black hair pulled back in a ponytail and…tattoos.

“Hello. Can I help you?”

“Hi Rachael. I guess you don’t remember me.” He stuck his hand out, waist high. “Jason Donnelly. Shelly’s friend and your date for tonight.”

“Oh. Oh, sorry.” She took his firm handshake. “I didn’t…recognize you.”

Why hadn’t her sister, Shelly, told her the man had changed since that day at her sister’s record store? He had been all business in his button down shirt, tailored to hug him in the right places, slacks that didn’t hide firm thighs and not a tattoo in sight. Broadening her horizons seemed to be Shelly’s mission in life. Yoga lessons and aromatherapy weren’t enough?

She stood dumbly. Too late to claim he had the wrong apartment. Should she cry sick? Date over. Do not pass go. Do not collect any physical contact.

“Sorry if I’m a bit late. The music rarely starts on time anyway. You know how rock stars like to make a grand entrance.”

Rock music and a guy that, from the looks of him, must run with a fast crowd. Hell, maybe he was the leader of the pack. He’d been another man when she last saw him. Truthfully, all she could definitely remember were his emerald green eyes, his thighs when he stooped to pick up the CD she’d dropped and his kiss-me smile. Maybe his hair had been pulled back like tonight and maybe under the shirt he’d had tattoos. Shelly could’ve warned her. But no, her sister wouldn’t do that. Shelly thought Rachael lived far too sheltered a life, too dull. No wonder when Rachael told her she might be ready to get back into dating Shelly had jumped at hooking her up with him.

In spite of his eyes looking into her soul and his smile charming away all rationality, they couldn’t possibly have anything in common.

Is that a bad thing? Especially after Mark?

“Umm…do you think you might want to grab a wrap in case your shoulders get chilly?”

Rachael snapped. “Oh, jeez, I’m not dressed appropriately. I didn’t know…” She ran her hand down her hips over the form fitting cocktail dress, looked at her high heels and clicked her toes together. “Shelly said concert and I didn’t…I should have asked her more.” She’d been out of the dating scene way too long, and trusting her sister’s taste in men was like trusting Cindy Lauper’s fashion sense.

“Rachael, you look stunning. Yellow is your color—makes your auburn hair pop.” His green gaze admired her with a smile.

Now, that was stunning. “Are you sure? I could change.”

“Absolutely not. But grab a wrap. It could get cool later.”

He stepped in as she turned toward her room. Each step echoed her thoughts; left foot, should she? Right foot, should she not? White sweater or blue wrap? She couldn’t seem to make a decision about anything. White sweater won and she headed back down the hallway. He studied a print on her wall as she approached. The profile was pleasing. Same nice butt she remembered. Great thighs. He turned those emerald pools on her and that kiss-me smile.

“You like Lautrec. He’s one of my favorites.”

“Really?” She stepped beside him and it hit her. Halston. He wears Halston. She inhaled and floated.

“Yep. Have a couple of his prints myself. Discovered my taste for him when I took art history.”

“I was an art major.”

“Me, too. Shall we go?”

“Sure.” Halston and art.


Brenda Whiteside - "Tattoo's, Leather and Studs"


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Contemporary Romance

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