Paranormal Dreams

by L.C. Crow, Jane Carver, Joanna Foreman, Jon Hixson, Troy Seate, Barbara Bradley, Phil Geusz & J.T. Macleod

Restricted Serenity by L. C. Crow:
Serenity Manor had burned down years ago. It is now a ruin, yet what Jake sees before him one evening during a stroll in the woods is a manor house that looks to not have been subjected to any flame. Within the house he finds a letter addressed to him. The letter is from Lucas Webbert who had perished when the house did. Through the course of the story Jake and Lucas form a rather surreal relationship that renders a material man as a rather insuperior lover in Jake's eyes - much to the distress of his friend Sebastian...

A Royal Mess by Jane Carver:
Maggie falls prey to what she thinks is a fat girl joke and winds up in 1890, pursuing the Ripper, meeting a royal werewolf and helping Henry destroy a mechanical man. The wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton—now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—provided the royal spark of inspiration for this story.

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature by Barbara Donlon Bradley:
Fiona must find one human to keep Mother Nature from destroying Earth but finds herself distracted by the way Brian makes her feel. Will Earth disappear if she can't keep her libido in check?

Lady of the Wigwam by Joanna Foreman:
The ghost of an 1800's prostitute appears to nine-year old Missy, promising to make her dreams come true, but then fades away. Missy spends over a decade searching for the apparition. Now that she's reappeared, will Missy choose to be with the dead woman? Not all dreams are what we'd expect.

Dead Boyfriends by J. T. Macleod:
Some guys just won't take "no" for an answer – even from beyond the grave.

The Last Caress of Victoria Jones by Jon Hixson:
In The Last Caress of Miss Jones, the incubus Marcello is used to being the one to come upon prey, so what is amiss when a morsel comes for him?

Clansman's Folly by J. Troy Seate:
Clansman's Folly tells the epic tale of a knight and damsel who become shape-shifters. The dark fantasy offers horror, passion, and plenty of lyrical erotica wrapped in an enigma of myth.

Hell's Angel by Phil Geusz:
Admit it—even after experiencing the real, honest-to-goodness Hell there'd still probably be certain neighborhoods you'd rather avoid after dark. Riverman, a resurrected outlaw biker, is riding his hog towards one of them with no better prospects in store than a speedy return to his extra-warm place by the fire no matter what happens. Is he facing the ultimate no-win scenario? Well, some do claim that freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...

Unholy Law by Jonathan Hixson:
Talbot Fenris finds out what's a lawyer to do with Demons in Unholy Law.



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"Paranormal Dreams"