Dark Pleasures

by Rebecca Varnum, Roxanne Rhoads,  Megan Hussey, Mila Ramos, Cooper McKenzie, Nora Weston

Strained Chords by Rebecca Varnum: Cadence is the talented singer for a small time rock band. While performing their latest gig Cadence is confronted by an ancient evil that forces her to use her unique abilities that have been slumbering for centuries. Can Cadence save herself and the man she secretly loves?

Cemetery Seduction by Roxanne Rhoads: All half witch half vampire, Abigail wanted to do was go out and have a little fun but when her powers go awry in a nightclub she has to run from the guards. Something strange has been going on in town so the Others are policing all human/magick interaction. The last thing Abby wants is to end up in a jail cell created for Others. On the run she ends up in a cemetery and jumps behind a bush to hide from the guards. She never expected to land right on top of a very sexy ghost hunter.

The Dream Maker by Megan Hussey: Dr. Veronica Franklin created the perfect man in her secret lab. Guillaume is seductive and loving, kind and handsome, but does he have a real heart?

In Her Dreams by Cooper McKenzie: Rachel Anders is a frustrated author until she meets the man of her dreams. Using sex play Nat helps her reconnect with her creativity.

Adevar by Nora Weston: Secrets, lies, the truth, and the disappearance of Nathan Hawkins' father all force him into the unearthly realm of Adevar.

The Seventh Legend by Mila Ramos: Some stories are rumor. Some stories are real. For a woman who has spent her life fighting evil she learns nothing is as it seems. The book she searches for is closer than she thinks and the unimaginable evil has been near since she was a child.


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"Dark Pleasures"