Wicked Christmas Wishes

by Jaden Sinclair, J. Troy Seate, Tara Fox Hall

Kink by Tara Fox Hall
Paul believes his marriage with his beloved Joy is wonderful, that their sex life is both varied and fulfilling. Yet when Joy reveals her heart's desire is more kink, Paul is determined to not only fulfill her wish, but to give her a Christmas that satisfies her wildest fantasies.

The Christmas Dream by Jaden Sinclair
Ashley Carter never looked forward to going home for the holidays, mostly because her one and only unobtainable dream was there. So why is this holiday any different? Tony Douglas has always known that Ashley had a thing for him, but not how bad until he found her diary when he started remolding her bedroom. He knows her dreams like the back of his hand, and seeing her home for Christmas has given him hope. But it is too late for him to fulfill her one and only Christmas Dream, or is this the year they both get just what they want for Christmas?

More Than Mistletoe by J. Troy Seate
A young man who goes to visit his girlfriend to spread Christmas cheer, but in her absence, it's her roommates who initially do the spreading. Both naughty and nice, Ginny's little helpers take the spirit of giving to new levels which tests pluckiness and loyalties. Good fun with lots of sharing amongst the not-so-secret Santa's.

The Oath by Tara Fox Hall
Young widow, Sarelle McGarran, is in love with the vampire, Danial Racklan, the charismatic man that has transformed her life in only a few short months. But now Danial asks for more; an Oath, a promise a mortal gives her vampire lover to be his forever, a permanent joining that cannot be dissolved. But having lost a husband once, can Sar bring herself to give her promise once again?



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Holiday - Christmas

? Heat Level: 4

Wicked Christmas Wishes